What is the Liebster Award?
The Liebster Award 2017 is an award that exists only on the internet, and is given to bloggers by other bloggers. The earliest case of the award goes as far back as 2011. Liebster in German means sweetest, kindest, nicest, dearest, beloved, lovely, kind, pleasant, valued, cute, endearing, and welcome.


Original Liebster Award Image circa. 2011

So I’m just DELIGHTED to announce that this wee blog has been nominated for ANOTHER Recognition Award

This time I’ve been nominated for The Liebster Award

With thanks to Sam Richardson who writes a blog with a mixture of lifestyle, DIY hints and tips and recipes –  including wine ice cream!!!    YEP you read correctly WINE ICE CREAM – now even though I don’t actually drink wine myself………I was still suffering with tantalised tastebuds – and found myself contemplating actually making the ice cream anyway –  it sounded that good! ..  Sams’ eclectic little blog is called Living Richardson

MY favourite blog I’ve only just discovered is Dougie’s Doggie Bloggie – now perhaps this is because I have a weakness for bichons – I am currently on my 2nd of this breed – and seeing that cheery wee face just makes me smile … what with my tics I find it difficult to get out so much with my own doggies and so reading about Doug and his adventures  is the next best for me …..  and the photos are always sure to melt my heart…Doug is just the cutest – I bet he rarely needs his full name Douglas used .. another coincidence is my dogs used to have a sister called FeeBee too!!

Still on the subject of favourite blogs I also have a special mention for a very very new blog – one post old to be exact!  This new blog is by a young fellow ‘ticcer’ –   Johnny Milne 

His blog is only 1 post old – and I know it takes a lot when like Johnny you have not only Tourettes but also Autism and Adhd. .. So in the hope this will spur Johnny to give the world more posts from him and when he does I am sure it will become a favourite blog of mine I have chosen to mention it here along with Dougs Dog Blog….

I met Johnny on my first visit to my local TS group and I immediately recognised he was not your average 15 year old … he came across as a thoughtful level headed teenager,  even though he had more than just TS to live with and suffered at the hands of bullies regularly –  he still clearly held onto his good nature and caring for others.

First time he met me and he was asking how I managed to deal with ticcing at my age.. Saying it must be hard –   I was taken aback to be honest – why he would care with him having his own daily issues.

I explained to him I was interested in how HE dealt with ticcing and being a teenager – I felt humbled by Johnny – He has a good heart and a wise head so Once my wee blog got started … I knew I wanted him to write a little piece about how the world reacts to HIM .. leading on from my own post on how most people I meet seem to think it must be brilliant having Tourettes.  I knew before I even read Johnnys post it would be significantly different for him.   You can read Johhnys post here – In another reality …not so far away


10 Random facts about me 

1 – I ALWAYS drink my tea from a bone china specific shaped mug – I have about 8 of these mugs and only I use them ,, Visitors get a different cup/mug of their choice – ‘my cups’ are out of bounds for anbyone else just incase they damage it and I end up with none.. I keep a cup at my sons house and take one if I am going overnight anywhere. …If I see the specific shape and style I like for sale in a any shop – I ALWAYS buy at least one to add to my collection.


2 – Although I LOVE chocolate – and I eat it EVERYDAY ….. I can only ever eat one specific kind at a time …currently it is Galaxy Counters and I have been eating only these as my choice of treat/biscuit/cake/pastry or pudding for 3 years now .. I eat roughly one bag per day – that’s 1056 bags not including extra bags eaten at birthdays/xmas and Easter!!!


3 – I PROPER hate farts, or farting jokes or references! – my friends all think this is weird.. I have been known to ask people to leave my house if they ‘let off’ and they are aware of my feelings on this..  I was married for more than a decade and he NEVER heard me fluff… obviously this is because I simply don’t do that!


4 – I love RED – all shades – if in doubt and something comes in red – get me that one and I will love it


5 – I LOVE Sydney Devine – yup there I will admit that out loud for the world to judge ..   I have loved him my entire life – before I had a record collection of my own I would borrow the Sydney albums from my parents – even though I had 3 older ‘cool’ sisters and there music collections to choose from – nope it was Sydney every time for me.  Since my dad died in 2001 I celebrate his birthday and departure day by having myself what has became known as my Sydney day.. its just as it sounds – me playing ONLY Sydney Devine tracks ALL DAY!


6 – I kissed a prince.. well BETTER THAN…I kissed a Sir…and i liked it!!  Yes A Sir that is infact The King of Comedy – Sir Billy Connolly – I admit I did have to ask outright for it – he didn’t chat me up or anything – but when I met him after one of his shows I got to first base!!  I then heard that he made a joke on stage the following night in which he basically told the story about a crazy wee fife wife and his interaction with her – THAT WAS ME!?!!?


7 – I once wanted to actually have a fight with Sidney James (actor- Carry-On films of the 70’s) over a seat on an airline flight from Edinburgh to London…. Apparently my 4ft Monkey, I had as my travelling companion was in his seat! I was having none of it and argued the case with him that the seat was indeed MY Monkeys … I lost that argument – But in my defence I was only 4 yrs old!!

8 – I have given each of my dogs a voice and accent of their own – and when I speak to them I then answer out loud what I believe they are thinking using this voice/accent

9 – I believe that I have lived many times before and the very last ‘life’ before this current one – I spent without arms, legs and a tongue that didn’t work! – I believe this is the reason WHY I talk so fast and so much (while using my arms)

10 – I was addicted to playing the drums on RockBand .. I bought ALL the games – ALL the downloads… AND even an actual set of electronic ION drums that could be used as an xbox controller! – every opportunity I got I played those drums .. on my birthday, at Christmas, anniversaries, celebrations and organised RockBand nights with my friends – where would all dress as our favourite Rock Star and join in the game.   I was a LEGEND in my own Living Room! …..When in reality all that it really proves is I knew my Red from my Blue very well !!




1. What is the most extreme thing you’ve ever done?     – I’m so NOT EXTREME – apart from the amount of tea I drink lol …   However I HAVE Sailed under the Forth Road & Rail Bridges –  hanging off the side of the Ship –  UPSIDE DOWN  …. This Extreme act was thanks to big brother who thought it would be funny…..  He did not consider the fact that I could not swim being only 6!!

2. When do you find time to blog?      – Since my tics have gotten worse and I’ve given up seeing clients I initially spent more time sharing my ramblings/opinions with my large friends circle – however in the last fortnight my friend circle has somewhat shrunk as is the natural process of life… so I NOW have more time to donate to ME .. My Blog, My writing ( on my 2nd book now)…  I’m only just at the beginning of my blogging journey so hope to find plenty time and plenty interesting subjects to blog aboot (Scottish accent there)

3. How long would you survive the zombie apocalypse?   No time at all – I would throw myself in front of oncoming said zombie to get any violent death out of the way – IF I WAS ALONE ..however this is a subject Craig and I talk of  on a fairly regular basis – A Zombie Popalips ( that’s what we call it in our house) … and he assures me that he would have the wits about him to protect me and so I wouldn’t be allowed to just give up… he would want to give all the fight he had to survive through it…    but   I am writing this blog post as he dozes off beside me on the sofa .. so I suppose if this Zombie Popalips was to happen in the evening after dinner then chances are I’m going with my first plan .. 

4. What is your favourite book or book series? – if not my own lol then obviously  Warriors Settlers & Nomads by Terence Watts 

5. What superpower would you like to have?    – to be able to let people ‘see’ through another person eyes – this could perhaps create more empathy and hopefully lead to more peace and understanding  between people

6. Who would play you in a movie about your life?  Some talented unproven Fife actress – an unknown – because I cant relate to any actress I can think of – hard question that one lol!

7. How did you pick the name for your blog?  on facebook when I asked my friends for any creative ideas on what to call it  ..  a lovely lady I know from my TS support group called Kyla suggested Pauli-tics and it was perfect.  So I thanked her and used it.  

8. What is at the top of your bucket list?    To do the NC500 – the North Coast 500 is Scotlands answer to Route 66 ..  I dream of having a caravan and just effing off with Craig and the dogs (with no time restrictions)  this trip would take in bucket list number 2 if we are lucky enough to witness the Northern lights on our travels.  


9. What is the best compliment you’ve ever received?     Hearing someone tell me about a joke Billy Connolly told on stage more or less telling the story about me in Glasgow the night AFTER I met him in Edinburgh 

10. What is your favourite quote?  I actually have 2 if im allowed “There’s no such thing as bad weather – only inappropriate clothing” – Sir Billy  and   “Trust your Gut – that bitch KNOWS” – unknown

11. Who has left the biggest impact on your life?   Terence Watts


Now for the blogs I think deserve recognition –

Johnny Milnes Blog

Sundays Child

Chihuahua Power

The Mum’s Life Diaries

Can I bring the Dog


To find out the rules of the Liebster Award and what you have to do should you choose to accept this nomination go to here

The Liebster Award 2017 Rules for nominees



Good Luck Everyone …..



NOMINEES  – This is what you have to do if you choose to ACCEPT the nomination –

1/ Write a blog post titled the Liebster Award and in this post you should do THANK the person/blog that nominated you and include a link to their blog.  Do your best to include a little promotion/description of person/blog – they will thank you for it and those who you choose to nominate will thank you for it also.

2/ Display an image ( at least one) of the Liebster Award on your post – you can save the ones I’ve used here to your own device then use them from there or you can find other ones for downloading at the bottom

on the official awards page

3/ write at least 150 words about your favourite blog – include reasons and links to the blog

4/ Provide 10 Random Facts about yourself

5/ NOMINATE 5-11 other blogs with less than 200 followers – you can always ask the writer if the blog doesn’t display how many followers it has.

6/ DISPLAY the RULES – you can copy and paste from here or link to the official page – 

7/ Inform the people/blogs  you have chosen to nominate and be sure to include a link to your post or to the Official Award Page so they can read about the Liebster Award – Incase they have never heard of it.   You can also leave a comment on the Official Award Page so that the Global Aussie can perhaps take a look at your blog


1 – What SuperPower would you choose and why?

2 – How long would you survive A Zombie Apocalypse?

3 – would you rather be INVISIBLE or BE ABLE TO READ MINDS?

4 – which cartoon character do you resemble the most?

5 – what dead person would you LEAST want to be haunted by and why?

6- Would you prefer to be able to breathe under water or Talk to Animals?

7 – if you were president of a small island what laws would you put in place?

8 – WHERE do you think Wally is?

9 – If there was a movie made about your life – who would play you?

10 – if you were to be Cryogenically Fozen for 100 years – what would be the first QUESTION you wanted to ask when you woke up?



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