Wowser!! РJust Wowser!! 

As if getting a mention on live radio –

by Knights in the Afternoon wasn’t a thrill enough ………..¬†

DrumRoll Please….. ¬†¬†


well my wee blog has received TWO nominations  РTWO !!!!

The Blogger Recognition Award 2017  no less


 To say I am cheesing is an understatement! 

Although, in all fairness I think the term usually used is ‘honoured’ and¬†Of Course –



What is blogger recognition award ?

Blogger Recognition Award is given to bloggers–¬† by bloggers to acknowledge and encourage the hard work and effort that goes into creating posts. ¬† It‚Äôs an opportunity for bloggers to recognize one another for each of our contributions to blogosphere.


My First nomination comes with total thanks to a young blogger called¬†Morgan…….who¬† runs a Health & WellBeing blog called

Brains & Bodies –

¬†Morgan lives with Ehlers Danlos syndrome III –¬† and until I read her blog I had never even heard of the condition….¬† to discover how debilitating it must be to live with the fear of causing yourself an injury – reading her blog humbled me – taking many things for granted that I had never thought of before and I am grateful for the discovery.

For completely different reasons¬† –¬† I could instantly relate when I read ¬† ‚ÄúBy my own admission, socially I am unreliable‚ÄĚ.

So well done Morgan for raising awareness of this rare and often unknown condition РIf you have never heard of it Рthen this blog is a great starting point for some information on what Ehlers Danlos Sydrome III is..


” NOM NOM” – I’m what i can only describe as whisper ticcing as I write – probably already repeated about 25 times

My Second nomination is with thanks to a young blogger called Aarish –

He blogs about  life as a Med Student currently travelling in Sri Lanka, and although I may not understand the clever medical stuff he covers

I can associate to the anxiety he struggles with – all whilst studying –

Take a bow Aarish your doing a great job .

check out his blog


As a newbie myself am ‘Learning On The Job’ so to speak – I’m still finding out hints and tips myself,¬† on what to do, how to engage people and create interest in your content.

The advice I would pass on to Someone Starting a Blog of their own would be


I think, when people read anything they can instantly tell if its written from the heart or not¬† – ¬†¬†Lets face it if you start writing in a style (or with content) that does not reflect the REAL YOU then Readers will soon pick up on that and not return to read some more – now of course¬† I’m sure this does not apply if your blog is about something technical – I’m sure those blogs are best written from the head¬† –

*If you have UNIQUE content then your laughing of course

So What You Waiting For??


 Google is right at your fingertips Рright there knowing everything

Use that tool¬† – It is THE best tool –¬† and after all Google will play a part in how your blog rates in the rankings/Search Results –

And if you want found – and I’m assuming you do –

Then you want Google (and the Reader) to be your friend & Like your blog 

Find out¬†what the Top Bloggers blog about¬†–

You know the ones that live their dream lifestyle on a yacht somewhere exotic……

blogging for only for 5 minutes a day

and they have¬† zillions of followers –

What does that blogger say is the way forward with a new blog?¬† –

READ that zillion followers blog, 

Find out for yourself ¬† –¬†what is so interesting about what this person is writing?

Of course there are literally countless numbers of blogs out the on the world-wide web to choose from and each blogger probably would give their own advice to newbies too,

So ideally find and spend that time reading a blog on something interests you

Read their posts and any advice they share

And my guess is you will discover a theme or a pattern to the advice these successful bloggers give

Unique contentInteresting Posts and Read other Blogs ….

So Yes You Will End Up Back Full Circle !!!

But lets face the Facts

Your thinking about creating a blog Рwith the intentions of getting readers right?

Well I believe we Reap What We Sow (So to speak)

Call it Karma – Call it payback from the universe – Call it Bob of you like!

The name is not important

My point is you get back what you put in –

And if You are Not Willing to take time out of your day to read someone elses blog

How can you expect anyone to take time out of theirs?

This of course is based on my beliefs –

Being  What It Is  You Want To See In Your Reality

So ¬†If You Want Readers –¬† Then Read … ¬†Forums, Blogs, Comment and Follow…


Remember,¬†I’m not for a¬†minute suggesting you spend your free time following,¬† reading, liking, sharing¬†and commenting on blogs about cars

when your interest is in cooking and Recipes

Obviously –¬† Your time is valuable –¬† Use it wisely…………..

Whilst¬†keeping in mind¬† –¬† Others Time is Valuable Too …….

So It’s¬†back to that pattern of advice –

Write Great content people want to readkeep it fresh

and I repeat my first point

I am doing this because I believe it to be That Important 

(notice how it is above Google in my 2 pieces of advice)

 BE YOURSELFYou will be able to keep that sh*t up

Whereas if you start to write without being true to you –

For example in another persons witty writing style –¬† You will struggle to keep it up for very long without requiring huge ammounts of effort from you having to think too much about your writing style

For me that was easy ¬†I just write it as i would say it ….

Well i miss out the tics obviouslyGosh that would take forever to write

Let alone Actually Read.



 I have loved this man for as long as I can remember


Okay so as I’ve touched on previously I believe in the Positive Power of the Universe and The Law of Attraction

By this I mean that the Universe delivers everything we experience –¬† Good and Bad

I truly believe there will be a reason for this and usually it is a good one, in my humble opinion and experience…

We attract whatever it is we need

in order to¬†manifest the reality we desire …

Now sometimes the universe throws us a curveball and we don’t recognise that we are infact attracting what it is we are¬†feeling and thinking about the most.

We don’t recognise that those times when the car fails its MOT or Is no longer roadworthy – IS IN FACT The Universe making it so that You Actually Get a New Car – Something you been really hoping for


Well since developing adult onset Touerttes  Рmy life has basically turned itself on its head Рwhereby I go from being a successful Therapist seeing different people everyday, walking my dogs for hours, Running my group workshops on Self Development and becoming a Laughter Yoga Teacher in 2013


Seeing no one,¬†except who come to visit me, unable to walk the dogs without someone being with me, unable to go to ANY public place without someone being there –

Basically leading a completely different life to what I did before

When i was diagnosed back in 2013 I knew next to nothing about Tourettes Syndrome

My GP couldn’t answer my questions about where it had suddenly come from

So¬†I went where every doctor tells their patients¬†Not to go¬†–

I had an appointment with Doctor Internet! 

I spend hours looking for advice, support forums, facebook pages and anything else I could find on the subject – however I was very sad to discover

there was very little no nothing,  anywhere on the forums or information pages aimed specifically for Adult Onset Tourettes

I learned a lot from these pages of course but I felt very alone –

I hadn’t found anyone remotely near me that also had adult onset…

Everything I could find was aimed toward children with TS 

or Parents of children with TS.

Seemed to me that the internet world had little advice for adults with TS –

This may be because the internet world assumes that you’ve had TS since childhood and so by the time your an adult you will have developed coping mechanisms…

Of course I cant say this is the actual reason it was just the conclusion I came to.

That’s one of the reasons I decided to start my blog – then there will be at least one person ‘out here’ that is talking about it … and maybe my blog – infact I really hope my blog will be found by someone else one day searching adult onset tourettes …

I only began a couple of weeks and about 20 posts ago,

But I intend on many more –

So far I’ve had one guest blog post from someone who has TS from a different generation – at aged 15,¬† I was impressed by Johnny when I met him on my first visit to my local TS support group,¬† I had already been surprised at how people reacted when I told them I had TS or they heard me tic.

I suspected it would not be the same if I was of school age…

The age where you get picked on for wearing glasses or the style of your hair let alone if your having uncontrollable tics..

So I asked Johnny if he would possibly write something about that and he agreed if you want to read his blog post –

its called  In Another Reality Рnot So Far Away

Anyway I’m sure that’s probably enough about me – I think the rules said say a little

I’m doing my best lol

If  Your are interested in finding out more about me and my life РThen you will just have to take the plunge and Follow my Blog!

So onto the exciting part –

where I get to nominate some blogs I consider worth Recognition

Brains and Bodies

Heathens Need Friends Too

A Ticcing Life

Millies Movement


Believing in Me

Dougies Doggie Bloggie

Instead of an Advil Try Eft/

Healing Adult Children of Alcoholics

Out of the Trap

What’s Good

Beverly Dole Blog

Savvy Chats

Her Words Not Heard

8 thoughts on “The Blogger Recognition Award 2017

  1. I really needed a post like this! I am so new to all of this! “Learning on the job” (was that how you put it?!) LOL, because that is very accurate. Did not even figure out you could use tags until my second post. This an awesome thing and I can’t wait to check out these blog and read more of yours!


  2. thank you so much everyone who nominated pauli-tics. it has had so much emotion put into our posts and some people don’t even realise it. thank you so much for understanding and Pauline, well done because you gave me the power to start my own blogging page xxx

    Liked by 1 person

    1. That’s FANTASTIC Johnny …I had a feeling it might …I know I have found it therapeutic somewhat … I will follow your blog with great pride ..well done you .. Now of I’d have known that before I made my nominations …if your blog was already up and running with post I would have nominate it for recognition for sure …I’m sure your blog will be brilliant and inspiring – just like you are .. Well done my friend X


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